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Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd. (formerly Zibo Wireless Ceramics Factory), founded in 1966, is one of leading manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramic elements and is engaged in the research and development of piezoelectric ceramic elements. 

→ Ø One of the founders of research, development and production of Piezocomponents and sensors in China.
→ As a member of
China Standardization Committee on underwater piezoelectric ceramic materials and components.

a. In 1986, involved in the formulation of the CB1125~1128-86 ministerial standard for general technical conditions of piezoelectric ceramic materials for underwater acoustics.
b. In 1988, participated in the formulation of the "Measurement and Calculation Method of Performance Parameters of Underwater Acoustic Practical Piezoelectric Ceramic Components" CB1194-88 standard. 
c. In 1993, participated the formulation of the CB1218-93 ministerial standard of commonly used piezoelectric ceramic components for underwater acoustics.
d. In 2004, Participated in the formulation of Dielectric Filters Part 1: General Specification SJIEC61337-1:2004, Dielectric Filters Part 2: Guidelines for UseSJIEC61337-2:2004 industry standard.

Core Competence

→ More than 30 formulations of piezoelectric materials, stable and superior performance, to meet various piezo application.

→ Forming process with dry pressing, rolling film and isostatic pressing.

→ High precision machining equipment for other specialshaped components such as inner, outer circle and hemisphere.

→ Be the manufacturer of supplying the most complete components varieties in China.

Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd.
Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramics Co., Ltd.

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