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Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd.
(Originally, Zibo Wireless Ceramic Factory)
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Product details
  • Product name: Piezoelectric Hemisphere for Hydrophone Φ25.4×2.12mm
  • Product number: PZT-4 Φ25.4×2.12mm hemisphere
  • Date: 2016-12-29
  • Views : 134

Piezoelectric ceramic hemisphere  

Electrode direction: Radial direction


Applications:  Hydrophone, underwater acoustics transducer, acoustic pickups



Material:  PSnN-5( Soft PZT, low dielectric constant 1600, high Curie T. 350℃)


Technical data:

Dimensions:  diameter 25.4mm, wall thickness 1.4mm, hole 3.3mm

Radial Frequency Fr: 77KHz ± 3KHz

Frequecy Bandwidth ΔF > 8500

Resonant impedance Zm < 20 Ω 

Dielectric Loss tg δ: 2%

Static capacitance Cs: 9000pF± 20%


Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
fr, Zm, Kr => Radial mode vibration
Cs tanδ => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms


Piezo material PSnN-5 is "SOFT" PZT,  widely used in the piezo elements for ultrasonic flowmeter, liquid level measurement and distance measurement with high sensitive and high curie temperature. 



"Soft" PZT materials      
Properties     PSnN-5
Dielectric Constant ɛTr3   1600
Coupling factor  KP   0.6
  K31   0.35
  K33   0.68
  Kt   0.5
Piezoelectric coefficient d31 10-12m/v -170
  d33 10-12m/v 400
  g31 10-3vm/n -12
  g33 10-3vm/n 28
Frequency coefficients Np   2000
  N1   1466
  N3   1825
  Nt   2100
Elastic compliance coefficient Se11 10-12m2/n 16.6
Machanical quality factor Qm   85
Dielectric loss factor Tg δ % 2
Density ρ g/cm3 7.5
Curie Temperature Tc °C 350
Young's modulus YE11 <109N/m3 60
Poison Ratio     0.36

Yuhai company provides

  • Piezoceramic materials (PZT) , more than 30 formulations of piezo materials
  • Piezoceramic components
  • Customized piezo ceramic components and ultrasonic transducers/transducers
  • Various different shapes in many different geometries such as disks, plates, tubes, customized shapes
  • High resonant frequencies to 10 MHz
  • Piezo composite machining



Core Competences of Yuhai piezo ceramic elements

  • More than 50 years professional piezoelectric ceramic manufacturing experience.
  • more than 30 formulations of piezoelectric materials, stable and superior performance, to meet various piezo applications.
  • Forming process with dry pressing, rolling film and isostatic pressing.
  • High precision machining equipment for other special shaped components such as inner, outer circle and hemisphere.
  • be the manufacturer of supplying the most complete components varieties in China.
  • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001.
  • product consistency reached 99.9%


OEM Adaptations

  • Piezo transducers for ultrasonic applications
  • Assembly of complete transducer components
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