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  • Product name: Piezoelecttric rings For Inkjet Printer Piezo Transducer
  • Product number: 20
  • Date: 2019-03-29
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Piezoelectric ceramic ring 

Applications: ultrasonic vibration tranducer for inkjet printer 

Vibration mechanism of inkjet printer: 

Generally, it is composed of piezoelectric ceramics and driving rods. By high-frequency electric excitation, piezo ceramics produce high-frequency ultrasonic vibration (above 60 kHz or higher), which is transmitted to the driving rod and generates high-frequency micro-displacement (back and forth expansion) at its front end.

Piezo ceramics components features :

1. High vibration amplitude and can withstand higher power.
2. The product has high reliability, strong maintainability, and is not easy to break down or off-line.
3. The frequency can be adjusted in a wide range, generally within the range of 10KHz.

Yuhai support all the new developping transducer, Welcome the customized elements inquiry. 

The present piezoelectric elements for Inkjet piezo transducer is following : 

Piezo rings OD4*ID2*2.5mm 
Material: PBaS-4
Fr.:  694 KHz ±5KHz
K33:  ≥0.55
Tg loss <0.5%
Ct 60pF ±12.5%

Piezo rings OD4*ID2*2.5mm
Material: PSnN-5
Fr.:  626KHz ±5KHz
K33: ≥0.57
Tg loss < 2%
Ct 53pF ±12.5%

Piezo rings OD6*ID2.5*2mm
Material: PZT-41
Fr.:  785 KHz  ±5KHz
K33: >0.53
Tg loss < 0.5%
Ct  107 pF ±12.5%

Piezo rod OD3*7mm  
Material: PLiS-51
Fr.:  192 KHz  ± 3KHz
K33: >0.62
Tg loss < 2%
Ct  18.7 pF ±12.5%

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