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Product details
  • Product name: Piezoelectric disc for Ignition -Φ10×5.5mm
  • Product number: PZT-5H-Φ10×5.5mm
  • Date: 2017-02-17
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Piezoelectric ceramic disc


Features : 


  • Very higher piezoelectric constant and higher piezo charge constant d33 620 x10-12m/v
  • Wide choice of PZT formulations
  • quick delivery 



Piezoelectric Ceramic Material:  PZT-5H


PZT-5H has very high permittivity, coupling, and piezoelectric constant, but lower time stability. It is used in applications requiring fine movement control or for sensitive receivers. Its low Curie temperature restricts its operating temperature range. Applications include medical diagnostics, industrial NDT, STM/AFM, and nano-positioning.




Piezoelectric elements technical data:
Dimensions:  Diameter 10mm, thickness 5.5mm
Radial frequency Fr:  160KHz ± 5%
Mechanical Coupling coefficient Kp 0.6
Dielectric Loss tg δ:   2%
Static capacitance Cs:  340pF±12.5%



Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
fr, Zm, Kr => Radial mode vibration
Cs tanδ => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms




Typical "soft" PZT characteristics include:


  • Wide range of frequencies in transmit and receive (sub-audible, audible, ultrasonic)
  • High output, low drive material
  • High frequency, fast response time
  • High sensitivity for active or passive use
  • Ability to use with low voltage or high voltage drive circuits
  • Good mechanical and acoustic coupling
  • Wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to meet specific requirements and applications
  • Wide variety of compositions that can be selected to meet specific requirements and applications
  • Quality of each PZT component is ensured by a rigorous testing regimen. Characteristics such as frequency, capacitance, dissipation, coupling, d33 and mechanical properties are measured and verified against our / customer provided specifications.


Typical  soft PZT applications include:


  • ·         Undersea exploration (sonar, beacons, imaging, current meters)
  • ·         Aerospace (gyroscopes, accelerometers, level sensing)
  • ·         Medical products (Doppler blood flow, oncology therapeutics (high intensity focused ultrasound), imaging, level sensing, intra-operative tools for ophthalmology (phacoemulsification), dental descaling, general surgery, tissue ablation, medication      delivery, hearing enhancement, bubble detection)
  • ·         Consumer products (ultrasonic toothbrushes, jewellery cleaners, contact lens cleaners, computer hard drives, touch screen displays, integrated, ultra-thin speakers and cosmetic enhancement)
  • ·         Industrial and Commercial (flow and level sensors, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, intrusion alarms, fabric needle positioning, solder dispensing, machine vibration monitoring, bubble detection, sonochemistry for improved chemical mixing)
  • ·         Telecommunications (optical switching of telecom lines, buzzers and alarms, Haptics feedback, mobile phone cameras)
  • ·         Automotive (power seat controls, reversing/collision avoidance sensors, anti-knock sensors)
  • ·         Scientific research (nano positioning stages and analytical tools, scanning probe microscopy, advanced acoustics)
  • ·         Oil Exploration (flow and level sensors, down hole drill tool monitoring)
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