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Product details
  • Product name: Ultrasonic cleaning ring-Φ35×Φ15×5mm
  • Product number: PZT-43-Φ35×Φ15×5mm
  • Date: 2017-02-17
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Piezoelectric ceramic ring

Electrode direction: thickness


The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through transducer, which converts the sound energy of the power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration, and radiates the ultrasonic wave to the cleaning liquid in the tank by cleaning the tank wall. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic wave, the microbubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibration under the action of acoustic wave.


Applications: High power ultrasonic cleaning transducer


Piezoelectric Ceramic Material:  PZT-43


Piezoelectric elements technical data:
Dimensions:   Outer diameter 35mm, inner diameter 15 thickness 5mm
Radial frequency Fr:  45KHz ± 3KHz
Mechanical Coupling Coefficient K31  ≥0.38
Dielectric Loss tg δ:  ≤ 0.5%
Static capacitance Cs:  2000pF ± 12.5%

Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.

fr, Zm, Kr => Radial mode vibration
Cs tanδ => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms



P-41 is suitable for both constant and repetitive conditions in sonar, ultrasonic cleaning, and other high power applications. This material produces large mechanical drive amplitudes while maintaining low mechanical and dielectric losses. Applications include STM, nano-positioning, and medical therapeutics.



Yuhai company provides

Ÿ   Piezoceramic materials (PZT) , more than 30 formulations of piezo materials

Ÿ   Piezoceramic components

Ÿ   Customized piezo ceramic components and ultrasonic transducers/transducers

Ÿ   Various different shapes in many different geometries such as disks, plates, tubes, customized shapes

Ÿ   High resonant frequencies to 10 MHz

Ÿ   Piezo composite machining



Core Competences of Yuhai piezo ceramic elements

Ÿ   more than 30 formulations of piezoelectric materials, stable and superior performance, to meet various piezo applications.

Ÿ   Forming process with dry pressing, rolling film and isostatic pressing.

Ÿ   High precision machining equipment for other special shaped components such as inner, outer circle and hemisphere.

Ÿ   be the manufacturer of supplying the most complete components varieties in China.

Ÿ   Certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Ÿ   product consistency reached 99.9%


OEM Adaptations

Ÿ   Piezo transducers for ultrasonic applications

Ÿ   Assembly of complete transducer components

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