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Product details
  • Product name: ultrasonic cleaning ring-Φ38×Φ15×5mm
  • Product number: PZT-43-Φ38×Φ15×5mm
  • Date: 2017-01-09
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Piezoelectric ceramic rings  

ultrasonic rings for cleaning resonator


Piezo ceramics have a wide range of uses. Piezo ceramics are used in the automotive industry in a number of applications such as in knock and oil level sensors or as actuators for precise control of injection processes in engines.  Common applications in mechanical engineering include ultrasonic cleaningultrasonic welding and active vibration damping. Pickups for musical instruments or burglar alarms are examples for the use of piezo-electric technology in consumer applications.



Application:  cleaning resonator

Material:   PZT-43 (modified PZT-4d)



PZT-43 is a modified hard PZT. It is developed for higher dielectric constant, high coupling and high stiffness required high power high driving etc. transducers



Technical data:

Dimensions:  outer diameter 38mm, inner diameter 15 thickness 35mm 


 Thickness Frequency(Ft)  44KHz ± 3KHz
Statics Capacity (pF)  1700pF ± 12.5%
Dielectric loss(tgδ)(1v,KHz) ≤0.3%
Resonant impedance (ohm)  ≤15

Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
fr, Zm, Kr => Radial mode vibration
Cs tanδ => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms




PZT-4 is suitable for both constant and repetitive conditions in sonar, ultrasonic cleaning, and other high power applications. This material produces large mechanical drive amplitudes while maintaining low mechanical and dielectric losses. Applications include STM, nano-positioning, and medical therapeutics.



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