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Product details
  • Product name: Piezoelectric Ceramic Cylinder 59/60KHz
  • Product number: PLiS-51-OD17.78x16.002x36.83
  • Date: 2017-01-09
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Piezoelectric ceramic tubes 




Applications: NDT Non destructive Testing 


Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a testing method to inspect the surface and internal quality of the inspected parts without damaging the working state of the workpiece or raw materials.


There are many kinds of ultrasonic flaw detectors, but in the actual flaw detection process, pulse reflection ultrasonic flaw detectors are most widely used. Generally, in homogeneous materials, the existence of defects will cause the discontinuity of materials, which often results in the inconsistency of acoustic impedance. From the reflection theorem, we know that ultrasound will reflect at the interface of two media with different acoustic impedance. The magnitude of the reflected energy is related to the difference of acoustic impedance of the media on both sides of the interface and the orientation and size of the interface.



Material:  PLiS-51 ( equal to PZT-5A)

PLiS-51 is a high Curie temperature version of P-51. It is dedicated to low aging rate, extremely stable performance and high frequency requirement etc. transducers



Technical data:

Dimensions:  OD 17.78mm, ID16.002mm, height 36.83mm

Radial Frequency Fr: 59KHz ± 5%

Frequency Bandwidth ΔF>12000Hz

Dielectric Loss tg δ: <2.20%

Static capacitance Cs: 40nF±20%

Test Condition: 25±3 °C 40~70% R.H.
fr, Zm, Kr => Radial mode vibration
Cs tanδ => LCR meter at 1KHz 1Vrms



Nominal Sizes and Tolerances


Size (mm)



Diameter:   3 to 200





Tolerance according to the sizes of the piezo elements.

Thickness:  0.2-25


Length:    1-100

OD:       6-180

ID:        5-150

Wall:      0.5-15


Length:     1-200

Width:      1-200

Thickness:  0.2-25


OD:        6-160

ID:         4-150

Wall:       1-10


OD:        3-180

ID:         1-150

Thickness :  0.2-25

For All Sizes


±  0.03


±  0.10


±  0.10


±  0.05


Nominal Electric Tolerances

Piezoelectric Properties

± 5%

Relative Dielectric Constant

± 15%




Typical SOFT PZT tubes applications include:

·         Undersea exploration (sonar, beacons, imaging, current meters)

·         Aerospace (gyroscopes, accelerometers, level sensing)

·         Scientific research (nano positioning stages and analytical tools, scanning probe microscopy, advanced acoustics)

·         Oil Exploration (flow and level sensors, down hole drill tool monitoring)

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