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Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd.
(Originally, Zibo Wireless Ceramic Factory)
Address :  No.57 Chuangye Road, Development Area Boshan, Zibo City, Shandong Prov. P.R. of China 
Tel : +86-0533-4230012      
Fax : +86-0533-4231700
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  • Product name: PZT-5 Piezoelectric Sphere
  • Product number: PZT-5 Piezoelectric Sphere
  • Date: 2019-07-06
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Piezoelectric ceramic Hemisphere

Electrode direction: Radial  vibration


Yuhai company developed piezo sphere shape of various hemisphere and focal bowl sizes in more than 10 available piezoelectric material formulations according to high sensitive, temperatures etc applications. 


Applications includes: 


  • underwater acoustic  sensors
  • Hydrophones


Features : 


  • Sizes from 6mm up to 160mm
  • Thickness from 1mm up to 10mm
  • Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)
  • Wide choice of PZT formulations




Piezoelectric Ceramic Material:  PSnN-5 (equal to PZT-5A)





piezo ceramic crystal

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