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PZT tube

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Yuhai company develop and produce of various tube sizes, bearing variety of electrode and metallisation configurations. The tubes is fabricated from various published and additional custom in-house piezoelectric material formulations for applications such as high power, sensitivity, stability needs.


· Choice of metallisation (Silver, Nickel, Gold and others on request)

· Evaporated and chemically deposited metallisation's available

· Thickness/Radial frequency tuning available on request

· Wrap around electrode configuration

· Wide choice of PZT formulations

aApplications include

· Hydrophones

· Fibre optic stretcher

· Augmented reality

· Torpedo decoys

· Accelerometers

· Pressure sensors

· Print head transducers

· Oil and gas exploration

· Scientific equipment

Yuhai company can produce the tubes sizes:


Length:    1-100

OD:       6-180

ID:        5-150

Wall:      0.5-15

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in piezoelectric ceramics.

Our enterprise is trustworthy.

Advanced equipment

Our enterprise has advanced equipment and professional staff, and strives to provide you with better quality products

Superior raw materials

The product uses the superior raw materials, the high quality product is trustworthy.

factory direct

Factory direct, quality and reputation protection

We are a professional manufacturer specializing in piezoelectric ceramics.

full sizes and shapes, custom production accepted, there are complete prescriptions of materials, mainly used in hydroacoustic, electro acooustic, ultrasonic, measurement, telecommunication, detecting, automatic control, and ignition and detonation..Welcome to order

After many years of development, there are over 30 prescriptions of materials and thousands of varieties of products. With the company's technology development capabilities to further enhance,we have very good reputation in the field of piezoelectric ceramics

Our company maintains technology superiority in the field of piezoelectric ceramics, adhere to independent research and development and Production-Study-Research cooperation, promoting the level of technology development. Based on giving play to the advantages of traditional products, we strengthen the decelopment of new materials and new products, expanding the industrial chain, establishing an integrated business model of material , components, sensors and machine, focus on the development of piezoelectric sensor products.

Piezoelectric ceramic is different from quartz crystal, the former is polycrystalline piezoelectric material, and the latter is single crystal. The piezoelectric ceramics don’t have piezoelectric effect before polarization. After poling treatment, the piezoelectric effect is very obvious, and it has high piezoelectric coefficient. The piezoelectric coefficient is several times larger than that of quartz crystal.

Zibo Yuhai Electronic Ceramic Co., Ltd (originally Zibo Wireless Electric Ceramics Factory) was established in 1966, ranked one of the earliest professional enterprises in production of sensitive components and sensors. There are over 30 prescriptions for materials, mainly used in hydroacoustic, electro acooustic, ultrasonic, measurement, telecommunication, detecting, automatic control, and ignition and detonation.Every year, we supply thousands of varieties of products for customers. We have supplied quality matching products for launch of man-made satellite, research and development of No.1 marine floating cable, launch of marine-carrying rocket, etc. For this, we are praised by Central Committee, State Council, Central Military Committee, and Science Industry Committee on National Defense respectively. With some of our products exported to overseas, we have very good reputation at home and abroad.

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