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Underwater sound

Piezoelectric ceramics are components for sonar. It emits ultrasonic waves and reflects after encountering objects. After being received, they undergo signal processing to detect the position and distance of underwater objects such as fish or submarines.
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Oil & Gas Detection

The warhead is equipped with piezoelectric ceramics, which can transform the powerful mechanical energy of the collision into instantaneous high voltage, and sparks to detonate explosives.
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Ultrasonic Machine

Mainly used in ultrasonic welding, punching, cleaning, polishing, etc. Generally made of high-power transmitting piezoelectric ceramics.
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Beauty & Medical treatment

Piezoelectric ceramic components are widely used in the medical field. The most common ones are dental scalers, beauty instruments, fetal heart rate monitors, B-ultrasound, cataract treatment instruments and other instruments.
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Ultrasonic Measurement

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Non-Destruction Test

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Acoustic transducers are one of the most common piezoelectric component applications. Pickups, speakers, earphones, buzzers, alarms, etc. are all made of piezoelectric ceramic components.
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It is mainly used for liquefied petroleum gas, gas stoves, lighters, etc., hitting the piezoelectric ceramic on the igniter to generate high voltage, forming an electric spark to ignite gas, liquefied gas, and natural gas.

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