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Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT)

Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT)`s attributes of producing an electrical charge when mechanically compressed or vibrating when an electrical charge is applied, make it very conducive for passive sensing, active transmitting and mechanical displacement applications. We utilise two predominant types of piezoelectric materials, each providing a set of unique properties suitable for a range of applications. Two types of piezoelectric ceramics include High Power [Hard" variant and high Sensitivity [Soft" variant High Power [Hard" Piezoelectric Materials are ceramics able to withstand high levels of electrical and mechanical stress and are particularly suited to high voltage and power applications. High Sensitivity [Soft" Piezoelectric Materials are particularly useful for sensing applications due to its high sensitivity and permittivity. As such these piezoelectric ceramics are frequently used in low power applications as transducers, receivers and generators. PZT is a machineable ceramic and can be precision dimensioned into tubes, rings, discs, plates, and hemispheres. The PZT material is also versatile from a forming aspect as it can be net shaped by pressing, extruding and casting into these same shapes as well as complex components including, co-fired bimorphs and multilayer actuators. Sizes range from microns to centimetres. Electrode choices are extensive including fired silver, electroless nickel, sputtered or vacuum deposited Nickel-Chrome, Gold, Tin, Aluminium and Vanadium. Typical PZT characteristics include: Wide range of frequencies in transmit and receive (sub-audible, audible, ultrasonic) High output, low drive material High frequency, fast response time High sensitivity for active or passive use Ability to use with low voltage or high voltage drive circuits Good mechanical and acoustic coupling Wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be customized to meet specific requirements and applications Wide variety of compositions that can be selected to meet specific requirements and applications Quality of each PZT component is ensured by a rigorous testing regimen. Characteristics such as frequency, capacitance, dissipation, coupling, d33 and mechanical properties are measured and verified against our / customer provided specifications. Typical PZT applications include: * Undersea exploration (sonar, beacons, imaging, current meters) * Aerospace (gyroscopes, accelerometers, level sensing) * Medical products (Doppler blood flow, oncology therapeutics (high intensity focused ultrasound), imaging, level sensing, intra-operative tools for ophthalmology (phacoemulsification), dental descaling, general surgery, tissue ablation, medication delivery, hearing enhancement, bubble detection) * Consumer products (ultrasonic toothbrushes, jewellery cleaners, contact lens cleaners, computer hard drives, touch screen displays, integrated, ultra-thin speakers and cosmetic enhancement) * Industrial and Commercial (flow and level sensors, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic welding, intrusion alarms, fabric needle positioning, solder dispensing, machine vibration monitoring, bubble detection, sonochemistry for improved chemical mixing) * Telecommunications (optical switching of telecom lines, buzzers and alarms, Haptics feedback, mobile phone cameras) * Automotive (power seat controls, reversing/collision avoidance sensors, anti-knock sensors) * Scientific research (nano positioning stages and analytical tools, scanning probe microscopy, advanced acoustics) * Oil Exploration (flow and level sensors, down hole drill tool monitoring)
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Piezoceramic Application

  Piezoceramics are used in a wide variety of applications as follows: Piezoceramic in medical application The piezoceramic components are broadly used in medical application. Ultrasonic imaging have becomes more and more important for the clinical radiologist, due to particular characteristic of non ionization, there will be less risk to both patient and examiner. The high-power piezoelectric material can be used in surgical cutting, the ultrasonic system transforms the electric energy into mechanical movement at high frequency, to drive longitudinal vibrations of the knife, greatly enhances the surgical cutting of tissues. Piezo ceramics are also the key technology in applications of blood flow measurement and foetal heart monitors, providing the higher reliability and accuracy of detection. Additionally, the large number of medical devices, such as ultrasonic nebulizers, ultrasonic scalers and ultrasonic cleaners, which are depend on piezoelectric technology, are commonly applied to medical industry, the innovative ultrasonic technology is used to promot medical progress around the world. Piezoceramic in industrial equipment The typical application is used for transducers with high-power ultrasound. The PZT-8 or PZT-4 piezo ceramic components can generate high-power ultrasonic waves for ultrasonic cleaning, drilling, welding and accelerating chemical processes. On the other hand, piezoceramics can be also made into transducers in ultrasonic distance measurement. In the form of ultrasonic receivers and transmitters, piezo transducers are used for level sensors for fuel tanks and for gas and liquid flow. Depends on the property of piezoceramics, actuators is another kind of important application, piezoceramics can produce controlled deformation in the micrometer range. Base on this characteristic, the new application of transducers are used as drivers in hydraulic and pneumatic valves, inkjet printer heads, positioning systems, textile knitting machines, micromanipulators and proportioning systems for liquid and gaseous media, etc. Communication & Aerospace In high power radio applications, the ceramic capacitors are used widely in antenna tuning, and for the high power handheld units used by the emergency services. The piezoceramic components can be designed into a wide range of communication appliances including satellite communication systems, base stations and antennae. piezoceramics have excellent stability and high sensitivity in high demanding aerospace applications such as gyroscopes for measuring acceleration pitch of aircraft, missiles and satellites. Household applications Today the piezoceramic is used widely in household goods throughout the home. piezo cigarette lighter is the simplest device, pressing the button can strike a piezoceramic element which produces a spark, then the spark ignites the gas which is passing through the burner. That's why the cigarette lighter can work continuously without needing any external power. It is just common to explain the general principles of piezoelectricity effect. There are many additional applications beyond gas igniters. Piezo buzzers are found in burglar alarm systems, ultrasonic humidifiers can be used to avoid dry atmosphere, many electric toothbrushes use piezo element to achieve cleaning effect without abrasive brushing. If you like musical instruments, you may don't know that the piezo element can be found on many violins, guitars, cellos, and other stringed instruments. In a word, the piezoceramic has become a basic necessity of our life.
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The introduction of Medical Ultrasound Probe principle and Its Piezoelectric Components

The imaging system of medical ultrasound probe mainly relies on the ultrasonic transducer as the sensing element, which enables the ultrasonic probe to realize sector scanning under the drive of micro-motor, and obtains the histological characteristics of the target site through the echo signal in the form of ultrasonic echo, thus achieving the purpose of clinical diagnosis and treatment. The acquisition of ultrasonic echo depends on the inverse voltage effect and positive voltage effect of piezoelectric crystal of ultrasonic transducer. Its main structure includes control, transmitting and receiving, signal processing circuit, transducer, image processor and output. Of course, these are inseparable from the control of power supply. Positive piezoelectric effect refers to the change of shape of piezoelectric crystals along a certain direction under the action of external forces, which leads to polarization phenomenon inside them. The most direct manifestation is that there are positive and negative charges on the surface of piezoelectric crystals, but once the external forces are removed, the crystal charges will disappear. On the contrary, the inverse voltage effect is to add electric field to the polarization direction of the crystal. Under the action of external electric force, the shape of the crystal will change, but when the electric field is removed, the crystal will return to its original shape. Piezoelectric element is the core component of the transducer of the ultrasonic probe. It is made of piezoelectric material. In the endoscope imaging system, the transformation of acoustic wave and electric signal is realized by the positive voltage effect and the inverse voltage effect of piezoelectric crystal itself. Because piezoelectric element is the core component of the transducer of the ultrasonic probe, the performance of the whole ultrasonic probe depends on the quality of the piezoelectric material. Piezoelectric materials generally include piezoelectric semiconductors, polymer piezoelectric materials, high melting point single crystals, piezoelectric ceramics and so on. The materials of transducers for ultrasonic probe used in modern clinical diagnosis are usually made of piezoelectric ceramics. The shape of piezoelectric ceramics decides its machinability is relatively strong. It can be machined into the desired shape according to its needs. Its adaptability to the environment is unparalleled by other crystal materials. It has a strong stability and its electrodes are firm and not easy to fall off. In addition, the diversity of its crystals can meet the needs of piezoelectric materials for different ultrasonic probes, which makes it possible to produce piezoelectric ceramics. It is the first choice of piezoelectric materials.
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